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Welcome to Learn The News, an exciting new e-newspaper for children!


 歡迎來到「學習新聞」- 專為學童而設的嶄新網上報紙

enews smallWhat is it?

Learn The News is a weekly e-newspaper for upper primary and lower secondary schools.


enews small甚麼是「學習新聞」?


geo smallWhat is it for?

Learn The News was created to encourage reading, promote general knowledge and spark an interest in current affairs among students.


geo small「學習新聞」的目標是甚麼?


asianews smallWhat’s in it?

Learn The News covers up-to-date, important stories in each of the following categories: World news; Asia news; Environment news; Business news; Sports news; Today in History. The stories are interesting to children and are sensitively chosen. Learn The News does not cover the ‘horror’ stories that are sometimes found in mainstream newspapers. However, important topics are introduced through gentle news angles.


asianews small「學習新聞」有甚麼內容?

包括下列最新的重要新聞:世界新聞、亞洲新聞、商業新聞、體育新聞、當年今日新聞。新聞經過精心挑選,而且都是孩 子感興趣的。「學習新聞」不報導間中在主流報紙上出現的「恐怖」新聞。 

cross smallNumeracy/Literacy Worksheets

Learn The News also provides English-language numeracy and literacy worksheets related to each story. These might be grammar exercises, comprehensions, maths questions or quizzes. Difficult words and terms are also highlighted and explained in a glossary. 


cross small算術/讀寫工作紙

「學習新聞」每段新聞均附有英文算術和讀寫工作紙,包括文法練習、閱讀理解、數學題目或小測。詞彙表列出並解釋較 深的字詞。

business smallWhat is the language level?

Each story is presented in two language levels: simple text for lower-level language users, and more sophisticated text for higher-level readers. Students can choose which level they are most comfortable with, or challenge themselves with the higher level text.


business small需要怎樣的英文程度?

每段新聞以兩種英文程度撰寫,英文程度較低的學生可選擇較簡單的版本,英文程度較高的學生則可選較複雜的版本。學 生可根據自己的能力選擇最適合自己的版本,或挑戰較深的版本。

comic smallLearning about Journalism

Jimmy helps students to learn more about journalism. For example, how journalists get their stories, and how they choose and write news stories.


comic small了解新聞工作


reader 128How is Learn The News delivered?

Learn The News is delivered every Tuesday by email in PDF format. You can print out the PDFs and use them in the classroom. Once you subscribe, the log in and password you choose will be confirmed in an e-mail. You can use this log in and password to download Learn The News, once a week which comes out once a week on www.learnthenews.com.


reader 128如何收取「學習新聞」?

「學習新聞」逢星期二以電郵PDF檔的方式送出。您可把PDF檔列印出來,在課堂上使用。訂閱後會收到登入名稱和密 碼,您可登入網站www.learnthenews.com下載每週的「學習新聞」。

questionWhat if I don’t receive Learn The News by email?

Please email us immediately to alert us, and we will remedy the problem as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you need the material urgently for your classroom, you can download the latest Learn The News from the website www.learnthenews.com with the login/password provided.



請立刻以電郵告訴我們,我們定當盡快解決問題。如欲盡快取得教材在課堂中使用,請以您的登入名稱和密碼登入 www.learnthenews.com下載最新的「學習新聞」。

dollarHow much does it cost?

Learn The News costs US$35 or HK$270 for one year. For your one-year subscription, you will receive Learn The News once a week except during Easter, July and December.




paypal-logoWhat are the payment options?

You can make a one-off payment for the full amount for one year. Learn The News only accepts PayPal payments via its website www.learnthenews.com.



您可全數繳付一年的訂閱費。「學習新聞」只於其網站www.learnthenews.com接受貝寶 (PayPal)付款。

Who produces Learn The News?



duncan guyDuncan Guy, founder and editor of Learn the News has been in journalism since 1983. He has worked for the South African newswire Sapa and on major South African and international newspapers and magazines.


duncan guy Duncan Guy

ndumiso nyoniNdumiso Nyoni draws the cartoons that feature Jimmy, the roving reporter. Ndumiso graduated with a national diploma in multimedia design (cum laude) at the University of Johannesburg and is also the junior art director for Luma Animation in South Africa.


ndumiso nyoni Ndumiso Nyoni 是約翰內斯堡大學的多媒體設計系榮譽畢業生,負責繪畫占美四處遊歷的漫畫。他亦是南非Luma Animation的初級美術主任。

hazel stanleyHazel Stanley along with Duncan Guy writes the worksheets for Learn the News. She has taught in urban and rural, public and private schools, single and multi-grade classes, throughout KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Hazel has also worked in curriculum development, been on provincial education committees and run diverse education workshops for teachers. Hazel presently teaches at Weenen Primary School in South Africa.


hazel stanley Hazel Stanley 負責撰寫「學習新聞」的工作紙。她曾在市內市外的公立及私立學校任教,並曾在南非KwaZulu-Natal省教 導同程度和不同程度的學生。Hazel亦曾在課程發展方面工作,她曾參與省級教育委員會,並推行各種教育工作坊,給教 師參與。Hazel現於南非Weenen小學任教。

For more information and to subscribe, go to www.learnthenews.com